Fantasie Negre No. 1 Florence Price, composer Kyle Walker, piano

Beethoven’s Blues Langston Hughes “Weary Blues” Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 30 Terrance McKnight, Kyle P. Walker

Langston Hughes “Life is Fine” Beethoven Bagatelle Op. 126, No. 1 McKnight, Walker

Principal Brothers No. 3 James Lee III, composer David Norville stage need: music stand

Big Timer’s Blues Hughes “The Weary Blues” Lord How Come Me Here (traditional spiritual, arr. Evelyn Curenton-Simpson; adapt. Ashley Jackson & Terrance McKnight) Terrance McKnight, Chauncey Packer, David Norville, Kyle P. Walker

Medley George Gershwin, composer Packer, Walker

You’ve taken my blues Hughes “Notes on Commercial Theater” Gershwin Prelude Melody No. 17 (arr. T. McKnight) McKnight, Walker

The Magic Flute Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer Packer, Walker

Three-Fours, Op. 71 No. 2 Samuel Coleridge Taylor, composer Walker

Hughes “Me and My Song” Beethoven God Save the King Variations (arr. T. McKnight) McKnight, Walker